Leyland Furniture Scheme


Local & County Council Support, Housing Association Tenancy Support, Social Workers & Social Prescribers

Leyland Furniture Scheme is a small operation run by a small team of unpaid but very dedicated volunteers.

All furniture and electrical items are provided FREE OF CHARGE.

The nature of the scheme means that it CANNOT PROVIDE AN “ON DEMAND” SERVICE.

  • The scheme is solely reliant on donations received from members of the public
  • These donations are NOT huge in number
  • We have no “stock availability”, furniture inventory levels are very, very modest
  • We have to operate on a hand to mouth basis matching availability with need as best we can
  • It is not unusual to be collecting furniture items from donors and delivering them to beneficiaries during the same delivery run
  • We are unable to respond to short notice emergency requests
  • There is always more demand than availability

Donations Toward Delivery Costs

The Furniture Scheme has no income BUT does have fuel, maintenance and insurance expenses over £2500 per annum to fund to keep the scheme operational.

Voluntary donations of £10 per delivery are requested from people who have received furniture to enable the scheme to keep providing this valuable service to South Ribble residents.

Thank you for your understanding.


The Leyland Furniture Scheme Team