Function Room Hire – Terms & Conditions


The St. Mary’s Community Centre (The Centre) and its Management Committee (The Committee) acting under the auspices of the Parish Priest and PPC (Parish Pastoral Council) of St. Mary’s Leyland, have sole control over the booking and usage of any part of The Centre premises.

The Hirer (You), shall not in any way attempt to direct or influence any other hirers, nor should You obstruct or interfere with others’ use of the premises.

You must book enough time for setting up and clearing away after the session; other hirers may well be using the room before or after You, so please adhere to the booked times.

You will normally be responsible for setting out and replacing furniture and equipment unless prior arrangements have been made with the Bookings Team.

Please leave the areas You have used (including all toilet areas) in a clean and tidy condition and set out as You found it. All rubbish is to be taken away with You.

Other parts of the building might be let; please have consideration for these other users of The Centre.  NB the car park, foyer, storage areas and kitchen are shared areas — no one group has a monopoly of them.

Immediately prior to Your event, whether it’s a one-off event, such as a christening or a birthday party, or a regular repeat event such as a meeting, someone from The Centre will open up for You – they are known as Keyholders.  They will often be able to help with any queries You may have at the time.

Use of Bar Facilities

The Centre is not licensed. If You require a bar service you must indicate this on the Booking Form and the Bookings Team will arrange with our independent bar provider to be present at Your event. The Committee is not responsible for the prices charged or the range of drinks provided by our independent bar provider, as these are solely under the control of them.

You are not allowed to bring alcoholic drinks onto the premises for Your own consumption.

You are allowed to bring non-alcoholic drinks onto the premises for Your own consumption only if our independent bar provider’s are not available or not required by You.

Use of Catering Facilities

The Centre does not provide a Caterer, but can provide the details of recommended caterers. Any services provided by a Caterer are contracted by You and are Your responsibility.

Use of Kitchen

If You need to use the kitchen then You must indicate this on the Booking Form.  The Hirer must follow the instructions given on the blackboard in the kitchen.  Only one group at a time can use the kitchen for food but other groups can use the kitchen at the same time e.g., for tea and biscuits.

To handle fresh food in the kitchen (other than packet biscuits) a holder of a Valid Food Hygiene certificate must be present.  This applies to caterers contracted by You.

Children under 16 are not allowed in the kitchen.

The kitchen log must be filled in before You leave the kitchen.

No outdoor coats or bags are permitted in the kitchen — please use the lockable cupboard outside the kitchen.

NB Hiring the kitchen does not give You exclusive use of it.   

Use of Stage

The Stage is normally out-of-bounds for any booked events, unless it has been requested and agreed with the Bookings Team for use by a DJ or other entertainment.  It is NOT a play area for children.

A group using the stage must not use any equipment belonging to the Centre without express permission (also see Health and Safety stipulations).  

Use of Car Park

The letting of rooms does not imply that car-parking spaces will always be available. Please park only within the marked bays and note that the areas in front of the hall doors and emergency exit doors are to be kept clear for emergency vehicle access.

Only cars displaying a ‘blue’ disabled parking badge should park in the designated disabled parking area nearest to the hall buildings.

Under NO circumstances is the car park OR the Piazza, the paved area in front of the church, to be used as a play area for children or adults.


If you are contracting to use the premises on a regular basis, You must have Your own Public Liability Insurance and should provide a copy certificate for the Booking Team.  If You make use of a commercial organisation, e.g., caterers, entertainers, or play organisers, each organisation must have its own Public Insurance Insurance. 


Prices are as displayed on our website at time of booking.

They are reviewed continually, and therefore subject to amendment. 


The rental is payable in advance to secure the booking. Payment is non-refundable if cancelled within one week before the event, 50% if within two weeks.

A non-returnable deposit of £30 is required for all events. The balance must be paid two weeks prior to the event at latest.

If a group is meeting on a regular basis, ongoing payment terms can be negotiated.

Health and Safety 

Hirers using the premises are required to conform to all necessary Health and Safety legislation. For this reason, children under 16 are not allowed in the kitchen. The Committee is not responsible for Your Health and Safety requirements, or the safe use of Your own equipment.  Your group’s H&S policy and risk assessments must be available to The Committee and if You are hiring the stage Your documents must be produced before You use the stage.

It is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure that any electrical equipment brought in has been PAT (Portable Appliance Test) tested.

Smoking is never allowed on the premises (this includes vaping).  Please use the designated smoking shelter outside The Centre. 

Damage to Property belonging to The Centre

Any accident or damage to property or equipment should be reported immediately to the Keyholder, especially when it involves possible danger to people or the security of the premises. The cost of repairing any damage is the responsibility of the Hirer.

Please note that we do not advise the use of Blu Tak or similar, or sellotape on painted surfaces such as walls, as this can leave indelible marks.  Should we need to redecorate to remove such marks, we will have to charge You for any consequential costs. 

Accidents whilst on the Premises

Any personal accident or injury is to be noted in the Accident Book.  The Committee cannot accept any responsibility whatever for accidents, injury or loss arising from the activities of the Hirer. 

Fire Precautions

Please familiarise Yourself with the fire assembly points and procedures in the event of an alarm. If the fire alarm sounds all groups must evacuate the building and meet on the Piazza even if it is known to be a ‘fire drill’.

You are strongly advised to have a register of people in Your group, so that, if You need to evacuate the building You can check that all accounted for. You also should nominate a fire warden from among the organisers of Your group. 


Hirers who are contracted to care for children, Young people and vulnerable adults must have their own Safeguarding Policy and appropriate DBS clearance for staff and/or volunteers. 

Publicity and Advertising

The Centre may advertise forthcoming events on its website, Facebook page, Google Business, or other social media.

Should You wish to advertise Your business on the premises (internally or externally) then please discuss Your requirements with The Committee.

Any notices displayed without consent or knowledge of the Committee may be taken down. 


The Committee reserves the right to terminate any booking, giving 2 weeks’ notice, with reasons for termination. You must give two week’s notice if You wish to quit.